Commission Types

Prices are per character. Second character is an additional 50% and third character is additional 75%. Four or more characters must be negotiated. Complicated design will be extra and discussed.Prices are for personal use only. Inquire for commercial use.

Monochrome Illustrations

Generally a grayscale or single color with a gradient bg.Bust: $20Half Body: $35Full Body: $50Simple BG: +$5 - $15Complex BG: +$20 - $50

Color Illustrations

Colored drawing comes with a colored block as a background.Bust: $40Half Body: $60Full Body: $80Simple BG: +$5 - $15Complex BG: +$20 - $50

Simple Chibi

A chibi with simple cell shading, background is extra.Simple style 1: $20Background: +$15

Detailed Chibi

A more detailed chibi with a much softer shading added, background is extra.Detailed style 2: $30Background: +$15

Simple Animation

A black and white character animation between 4-10 frames.4-6 Frame animation: $306-10 Frame animation: $45

Complex Animation

Color animation with character and a simple BG.Animation: $60 per secondComplex background: +$20 per second


Per Emote: $30Set of three: $80set of five: $135

This is the official commission page for Sleepless Mystic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.If you're interested in a commission, fill out the form below with your commission detail and I'll get back to you with an invoice as soon as possible! Thank you!

Terms of service

- Prices shown in the examples are base prices and can change depending on the type of commission requesting.- Payment must be made in full before I can start the sketch, if the amount happens to be $100 or more I can negotiate with the client on paying at least half up front and the rest later.- Once the sketch is done and accepted, there will be no refunds.- A high res png image will be given to the commissioner after the image is completed.- Commissions are to be used for personal use only.- I may post the art I create publicly at my discretion unless specified by the commissioner.- If you do post them, please link my Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or give me credit in the description. You can choose any depending on the social media being used.- I have the right to reject a commission.WHAT I WILL DRAW
-Fan art
-NSFW(Has to be 18+ to commission and will be an additional 50% of a normal commission. Discount will be given for Patreon Patrons.)
-Other people’s characters unless the owner of the character gives me permission. Fan art is not included in this.
-Mechs or extremely detailed machines. Cyborgs and minor detailed related extremities are excluded.
-Questionable content (i.e. Fetish art, Excessive gore but minor is fine)